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Best Places to Volunteer this Thanksgiving
By Vee |  Nov 24, 2020

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and along with it comes the most popular season for philanthropy and volunteer work. If you’re among the many who follow an annual tradition of volunteering on Thanksgiving, or if you’d like to start, here are excellent options for meaningful volunteer projects you can sign up for, all on Vee.

New York + Tri-State Area

For 25 years, Volunteer Guardianship One on One has been helping elderly and disabled adults find the aid and attention they deserve. They train volunteers to serve as legal guardians to those who can no longer care for all their own needs themselves, and provide a support network of medical and other industry professionals to support their volunteers. In New Jersey alone, there are hundreds of older adults in need of caregivers, and with the support of Volunteer Guardianship, they can find care. For a long-term, one-on-one volunteer experience, consider signing up to be a volunteer guardian.

In the spirit of family, take some time this Thanksgiving season to volunteer with a family-run organization: Hunter's CMT4B3 Research Foundation. When Hunter Schultz was just three years old, he was diagnosed with an ultra-rare neuro-degenerative disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Type 4B3 (CMT4B3). Ever since, his dedicated parents have been fundraising to advance research and find cures for Hunter and all the other children fighting the same condition. You can help their cause by signing up for grant writing or blog and Twitter copywriting, and help draw attention to an extremely worthy cause.

San Francisco

From new clothes to tech support, medical care to food, the St. Anthony Foundation offers vital services to thousands of unhoused and poor neighbors in San Francisco. Supported by dedicated volunteers, this community center provides essential resources and services to neighbors in need. To help their efforts, sign up for clothing donation processing, and support your San Francisco neighbors this Thanksgiving.

How can I support my local community?

Digital literacy is a crucial skill in today’s world, and Community Tech Network is helping people achieve it. Technology training is a tool that connects people with community, opens doors to education, and creates access to vital healthcare. With such a diverse population, this San Francisco-based organization works with a broad range of participants of all ages in multiple languages to build and strengthen technical ability. If you’re bilingual and have a good grasp on general computer skills, you can get involved as a remote digital coach and help someone in your community get online.

Knowing the value technology adds to a young person’s future, Mission Bit creates avenues for students to easily access computer science education. Know how to code, or know someone who does? Mission Bit is looking for qualified members of the tech industry to mentor students in computer science. Work to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, and programming enthusiasts with this special mentorship opportunity.

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