Let’s team up
for good

Vee connects good causes with
incredible people.

Our vision for the world

May Piamenta, Gil Amsalem, and Avi Amor built Vee to make social impact easier than ever. We envision a world where people are empowered to support the missions they love while inspiring others to do the same.

Vee bridges the gap between people who want to do good and nonprofits seeking qualified volunteers. As the world’s most innovative volunteering network, Vee empowers everybody to act on their values and change the world.
The Heroes of Vee

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May Piamenta



I love investing in my incredible team every single day.

Gil Amsalem


Gallant Gil

Co-founding Vee was the best risk I’ve ever taken.

Avi Amor


Amor Aura

I’m here to empower our superhero team to succeed

Daniel Levy

Marketplace Manager


My favorite hero is Robin Hood because I believe in justice.

Matan Buganim

Director of Marketing


Everybody's a hero. Together, we can win even the toughest battles.

Jonathan Morag

Backend Developer

Jonny Boy

I love making the world a better place while growing as a software engineer.

Adee Lavi

VP Product


Vee gave me the opportunity to combine my passion with my profession.

Shirel Sara Zada

Partnerships Manager


I've never had such chemistry with a team before. We always strive for more.

Shahar Farage

Marketing Designer

The Dawn

Any person who helps others is a superhero

Tal Shaanan

Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager

The Fortune Teller

I enjoy volunteering with Save a Child's Heart. It’s truly humbling.

Tali Leibowitz

Director of Global Community

Tigress T

I’m grateful that Vee has given me the opportunity to do what I love.

Israel Mor-Yosef

Senior Front-end Developer

Incredible Isrolik

When you help others, you better yourself as a human being.

Orit Eisen Adler

Senior Customer Success Manager

Wonder Woman

If I had one superpower, it’d be healing people suffering from diseases.

Danielle Avram

Office Manager

Jean Grey

The entire office is my team :)

Liad Horovitz

R&D Team Lead

Hidden Man

Being a hero isn’t about actual super powers. It’s about doing good for others.

Sharon Gindi

Product Designer


We’re making our product experience the best our users have ever had.

Yehiel Amor

QA Engineer

Super L

I love volunteering with animals 😍

Roee Amiel

QA Engineer


If I had one superpower, it’d be time travel

Neta Teitelman

QA Engineer


I decided to join Vee because I wanted to work on a meaningful product.

Ron Yakar

Content Writer


My favorite nonprofits are B Lab and Leket Israel. Check ‘em out!

Talia Shiel

Nonprofit Relations Coordinator


Volunteers play an important part in creating change for social good.

Avihai Danino

Backend Developer


The easier it is to give, the more givers there will be in the world

Omer Elimelech

Mobile Developer


Who’s up for a game of ping pong?

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Our culture
At Vee, we walk the walk. We constantly invest in our people and empower them to support the causes they care about. Through guest lectures, volunteering days, and creative workshops, we make sure that our team is always learning and making the world a better place.