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“Along with Vee’s great platform, it's their attentiveness and personal touch that makes the difference”
Maayan Shekel, VP of R&D at SiteAware

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Find volunteer opportunities suited to every type of employee at every level, from interns all the way up to the CEO. Build a volunteering program tailored to your company’s goals and values while saving time, money, and effort.

Engage your employees

Reduce turnover, increase retention, and strengthen your recruitment pipeline by empowering your team to support the missions they love. Boost your employees’ sense of belonging by encouraging kindness and bonding over shared values.

Measure your impact

Make a measurable difference in the world. Ensure that all your employees meet their annual volunteering targets using our advanced analytics dashboard and employee feedback tools.

Skip the headache

Organize end-to-end volunteering experiences in a few clicks, without calling or emailing a single nonprofit. Enjoy the benefits of a seamless volunteering program and leave the logistics up to us.

More participation

Encourage your team to bond over their shared values. Whether you’re volunteering remotely or on-site, Vee brings people together.

Time saved

You focus on doing good and Vee takes care of the logistics. Our platform lets you easily manage your impact all in one place.

More retention

Teams that give together, stay together. Empower your people to help the missions they love.

"Vee provides an outstanding opportunity to further our CSR agenda, whilst ensuring that all staff align with and strengthen our values. We know what we want to achieve in this space and Vee makes it possible"

Daniel Bernard, Founder and Chairman of Redwood International Sports

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Check out our volunteers in action. Volunteering with Vee gives fun a whole new meaning.

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