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“Vee has been an invaluable asset, linking us to a global community of volunteers who share our passion,
as well as resources to achieve growth”
Soledad Haren, Founder and CEO of Build a Better Planet
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From mentors to IT assistance to extra hands at an event, Vee’s got you covered. Build trusting relationships with skilled volunteers in our network and collaborate on one-time and ongoing events.

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Create and manage all of your nonprofit’s activities in one place. Learn about your volunteers’ skills and experience, and provide feedback after they work with you.

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We connect qualified volunteers from leading corporations with local nonprofits to do good for the community. Upload in-person volunteer activities suitable for larger teams, and our dedicated volunteers will make it happen.


Post as many volunteer activities as you’d like and connect with remote volunteers to get stuff done. Our remote volunteer network is incredibly broad, offering expertise in everything from marketing to digital strategy.

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Learn and grow together with other nonprofits across the world. Develop supportive relationships, exchange ideas, and share stories.

Get expert insights

Develop actionable impact strategies together with our team of experts through webinars, discussions, and workshops.

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We promote your nonprofit’s mission across our social media channels to amplify your voice, raise awareness of your cause, and attract new volunteers.

“Vee’s free platform is a wonderful way to connect us with people who want to do good in their free time. Through Vee, we’ve received several teams and individual volunteers for meaningful work with children who’ve come to Israel for life-saving surgeries. Many of our volunteers have developed long-term relationships with these children beyond the volunteering experience. Vee’s service is always fast and meets all of our needs. This is exactly what our nonprofit was looking for. Thank you!”

Danielle Rothenberg, International Young Leadership Director at Save a Child’s Heart

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