Wake and Rake

Historical Harsimus Cemetery

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Mission Details
For teams & individuals
Jersey City
Get in the Halloween spirit by helping maintain this 193-year-old historical cemetery! You can rake leaves, mow grass, trim bushes, prune trees, and enjoy the spooky vibes while you're at it.
Warm clothes
Closed shoes
Mission Brief
Once a battlefield in the Revolutionary War, this 6-acre historical cemetery was founded in 1829. It was eventually abandoned and became a home for creeping vines, ominous ravens, and cold gusts of wind. In recent years, though, volunteers restored the cemetery and uncovered remarkable graves, like that of Charles F. Durant, the first American to travel in a hot air balloon. If you're looking for a real taste of American history, this one's for you.
Q: Can I volunteer with my team at work?
Of course! Just create a Vee account and once you're in, click "Invite friends" at the top right corner. Your coworkers will get invitations to Vee and they can start volunteering right away. Too easy!
Q: Can my team volunteer on WFH days?
Yes, you *can* volunteer from the couch with cookie crumbs on your hoodie. Hybrid and fully remote employees can enjoy countless remote missions on Vee, and employees with kids can even pick family-friendly missions!
Q: Why should my company volunteer?
So many reasons. It'll help your employees learn new skills, network with coworkers, connect with your company values, blow off steam... oh my!
Q: Q: Should I make an ESG plan first?
We can build one for you! But you don’t have to plan far ahead - you can also try 1 mission first and go from there. Why not sign up for this one?
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