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International Human Rights Art Festival

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Mission Details
1 hr
20-500 people
Help us choose the winner of an international poetry competition! Volunteers gather for 1 hour, read 5 poems out loud, and then privately fill out a judging rubric. After judging, volunteers reconvene to discuss which poems they enjoyed the most. Your voices are a vital part of this poetry competition with submissions from 90+ countries.
Be yourself!
Arts & Culture
Mission Brief
The IHRAF was inaugurated in 2017 in NYC to allow artist-activists to tell their stories and positively influence society. Our foundational values are beauty, sincerity, vulnerability, engagement, and diversity. We share artwork from around the world with you. There is no anger or finger pointing - only honest expression of what the performer experiences in life.
Q: Can I volunteer with my team at work?
Of course! Just create a Vee account and once you're in, click "Invite friends" at the top right corner. Your coworkers will get invitations to Vee and they can start volunteering right away. Too easy!
Q: Can my team volunteer on WFH days?
Yes, you *can* volunteer from the couch with cookie crumbs on your hoodie. Hybrid and fully remote employees can enjoy countless remote missions on Vee, and employees with kids can even pick family-friendly missions!
Q: Why should my company volunteer?
So many reasons. It'll help your employees learn new skills, network with coworkers, connect with your company values, blow off steam... oh my!
Q: Q: Should I make an ESG plan first?
We can build one for you! But you don’t have to plan far ahead - you can also try 1 mission first and go from there. Why not sign up for this one?
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