Explore our solutions for volunteering during

the COVID-19 pandemic

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The coronavirus affects life worldwide: isolation, social distancing, and shutdowns greatly impact on our day-to-day lives.

However, the pandemic has sparked a surge in volunteering for others, which has continued to thrive and exhibits a show of solidarity every day.

Now more than ever, volunteering can energize communities. Learn how:

Protect the safety of your employees

Organizations are increasingly offering online volunteer programs that you can participate in regularly or casually. Vee offers exciting remote volunteering opportunities accessible from the safety of your volunteers’ homes.

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Re-energize your team

Volunteering together is a meaningful way to increase productivity and collaboration, bringing your team together for a good cause.

Reduce stress levels

While it’s normal to feel stress, anxiety, and depression in these challenging times, doing something to benefit others often makes everyone feel more connected, and gives us all an increased sense of purpose.

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Work to make a difference

People love companies that morally align with their personal values. Volunteering as a company enhances your brand reputation and can increase customer loyalty

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See how Vee can help your people do good from home