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Get ready to go virtual with a team built for nonprofits

Get ready to go virtual with a team
built for nonprofits

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Your New Social Media Pro: Maggie

Your Social Media Content Creator
Creates a monthly social media plan
Generates pictures and text for social media
Directly posts to Facebook and Instagram
Communicates easily over email with you
Want Maggie on your team?

Your New Grants Expert: Grant

Your Savvy Grant Expert
Researches government and private grants for which you can apply
Provides detailed and relevant grant information
Delivers new grant opportunities to your inbox each month
Supports you with the application
Premium Plan
Get early access to Grant

Your Donor Prospecting Genius: Don

Your Donor Prospecting Genius
Searches specifically for wealthy individuals and families
Delivers 4 new potential donors to your inbox
Conducts a wide CRM check
Generates personalized asks based on your needs
Get early access to Don

Your New Donor Relations Manager: Maria

Coming soon
Donor & Community Relations Manager
Automatically creates monthly donor newsletters
Generates email communications to supporters
Manages community engagement plan
Communicates impact stories and case studies
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Our incredible partners have been an integral part of our development process to ensure our team will be valuable and affordable for any nonprofit out there.
“For me, they are a real game-changer, I saved time and they freed me up to work for other things”
Jennifer Lang
Resource Development at IDFWO
“I have been working with an agency for a while and there's nothing to compare. Maggie and the Vee team really got what I wanted and I am happy to recommend this great service to other orgs!”
Matan Sivek,
Executive Director, INHFA
“I get the emails once a week and I'm like ahhh. It is amazing that Maggie and Grant do the work for me”
Megan Stewart
Executive Director, PCOSAA

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